The Programm
The program

Climbing mountains need a lot of energy, but at the top the view is worth the while. What an achievement. Life is full of mountains. In this edition you will learn to harness the power in you and creating the path to the top. In the program you get to learn the principles of living a live of purpose and passion, to grow as person and to lead a fulfilled life. Learning how to let go of the past, how to identify your strengths and talents and learn how to focus on them as well as envisioning your future and learning the tools to get the results you want. You literally will break through limiting beliefs by breaking an arrow, focus on the moment by walking over glass and lighting the spark inside of you to generate so much inner fire that you will be able to walk over fire. Challenged accepted? You will also get the knowledge of living a healthy life with scientific approved methods and learn to stay cool in any situation by experiencing the ice-bath training. Your coach will help and guide you through the whole process to ensure you get the best results and connect to your visionxcamp mates for a lifetime connection. Mountain people are strong and independent. They know about the ups and downs and how to turn fear into power. 


Due to the current situation we are planning to organize the event in the area of Austria and communicate the definitive location as soon as it is confirmed. We keep you updated with news here on the site, or send us a mail to and we will inform you.

To make Vision X Camp accessible to as many young talents as possible, this edition  will be available for applicants for €1395,00. (normal value is €4900,-). This is an all-inclusive package including room and board. 



Vision X Camp - Mountains edition
6 MAY - 9  MAY 2021

  • 3.5 day seminar 

  • Group coaching 

  • 3 overnight stays

  • F&B (all inclusive) 

  • Follow-up coaching 

  • MapsTell Assessment 

  • Empowerment experiences 

  • Membership Vision X Alumni

  • Voucher of €250,- for individual follow-up coaching.

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