Participants will..

  • work on what they want to achieve, what they want to contribute and what is really important for them in life;

  • get clarity on personal vision, mission and values;

  • receive professional coaching on their personal development;

  • identify their key strengths, passion and talents and learn how to turn them into reality; 

  • lead their lives with increased confidence, trust and self belief.

  • get coaching tips and methods for coaching themselves and others.

  • learn how to break through learned self limiting beliefs and turn them into empowering affirmations. 

  • discover their sweet spot (visualizing their ideal professional future) and understand their professional true calling

  • understand and work on the topics health, energy and energy management

  • work with world class coaches and peers in a coaching groups during Vision X Camp

  • become part of the Vision X Camp alumni to constantly be encouraged to contribute and grow in the network

  • get the opportunity to pay it forward by being supporters at the “game changer academy” for 14-18 year olds

  • get literally out of their comfortzone by having the direct experience of our empowerment tools to gain persistance, mental strength and toughness. The learnings will make this a life-changing event. 

  • have a 100 day follow up online live-coaching program in groups to develop success habits to ensure sustainable results.

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