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Potential, Purpose  and Passion

We believe in the power of vision and the human potential to turn it into reality. What time is better to discover your purpose and passion as at a young age, in order to get a head start in life? 

Our result-driven approach will help you WAKE UP, GROW UP in order to SHOW UP. 

Imagine you get access to wisdom from decades in days? Principles, tools and experiences that help you unfold your strengths, connect to your inner power and create your future? 

At VisionXcamp you will be welcomed at a beautiful environment to discover and explore your potential, purpose and passion. Experienced coaches guide you along your journey and the direct impact of empowerment tools will make this a life-changing experience. 

Join the unique adventure of following the teachings of experts, exploring your personal possibilities and getting out of your comfort zone.  




Participants will..

  • Work on what they want to achieve, what they can contribute and what is really important for them in life. This provides clarity on personal vision, mission and values. 

  • Get professional coaching on their personal development

  • Identify their key strengths and talents as well as the power to turn them into their passion

  • Lead their lives with increased confidence, turst and self belief.

  • Get coaching tips and methods for coaching themselves and others.

  • Learn how to break through learned limiting beliefs and turn them into empowering beliefs.

  • Discover their sweet spot (visualizing their ideal professional future) and understand their professional true calling

  • Understand and work on the topics health, energy and energy management

  • Work with world class coaches and peers in a coaching group 

  • Become part of the Vision X Camp alumni to constantly be encouraged to contribute and grow in the network

  • Get the opportunity to pay it forward by being supporters at the “game changer academy” for 14-18 year olds

  • Get literally out of their comfortzone by having the direct experience of our empowerment tools to gain persistance, mental strength and toughness. It turns the learnings into a life-changing event.

  • Have a 100 day follow up online live-coaching program in groups to develop success habit to ensure sustainable results



We learned that your intention and your focus in combination with elevating energy gets you the results you want. In our language it is your potential, with your passion and purpose. This is something that goes beyond knowing. This has to be experienced in order to be executed willingly.


How can enhance your ENERGY


What are you willing to invest in your GROWTH


Discover your CONTRIBUTION to this world


“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.“

James Thurber

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Founder and Coach

My mission is to help people see their potential and get sustainable results.  I really believe in potential and can help people unleash it! I teach based on a whole person model and believe personal development is a inside out process.  I really believe in young people and intend to help them become the best person that they can be and to become the person they are meant to be. The development of our future leaders needs to start now!

Founder and Trainer

After a life of world-travelling but mostly making a lot of teaching mistakes, I know from the bottom of my heart, that we all have this hidden treasure in us, this dream that just needs some attention. So that it can grow from a whisper to a calling. And as Firewalker I would say: from a spark to a flame. I believe that we can just become our best version in order to inspire others to do the same. We need more role-models, rather than teachers. Something that challenges me day after day. Ask yourself:  What do you want? Then Go for it, make mistakes, learn from them, go and grow further. Share your experience, your knowledge and contribute to a better world. Evolution, not revolution. My 6 words inspiration? Wake up, grow up, show up.


Co-Founder and Trainer

Turning Vision into Reality. This is the passion that drives me since i had the priviledge to learn from the leading experts in empowerment in the world. From Peggy Dylan inspired, my main goal is to share my teachings with our future generations. In the end, learn - grow - lead helps you go beyond your dreams. It is to dream, dare, do and persist.

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Coach and Teamleader Spain

Coming from Switzerland, living in Madrid, i had the chance to see the world in my worklife. All these experiences have shaped me. I learned a lot. A lot frommy mistakes and so in how to improve things. I want to pass on my learnings and turn them into empowering beliefs to inspire generations to come.


Coach and Teamleader Switzerland

As teacher and psychologist i look back on great relationships with my students. These relationships have shaped me and some lasted over the time. I believe that a positive emotion will teach you more than a negative one. Harnessing this energy and sharing it with my future students will help to discover their dreams and turning them into a sustainable future.

Operations Manager

As founder of Powerment I guide people from the place they are to the place they want to go, help to develop from the person they are to the person they want to become. The reason why I am a team member of Vision X Camp is because it is the perfect beginning of your personal journey, an experience to explore who you are and what your vision is.



I’m a woman on mission! Because I love to help people discover their passion and talents, the basics for personal leadership. I kindle that fire for personal growth. Even as a young person I was already fascinated by behavior and body language. After almost 20 years’ experience working at the Dutch Police, I developed myself in becoming a trainer and coach. Using the ‘yourney of discovery’ I inspire people and teams to become more successful.


Organisational Wizard and Coach

In my studies of transpersonal coaching and as coach in different Youth organizations i have never experienced a stronger, more transformational experience as firewalking. Setting your intention and focusing your energy will bring you any result you set your mind to.



I have been on many camps and trainings, but the combination of wisdom, science, expert coaching and physical experience is unrivaled. I wish i would have had the chance to do that when i was young. My advice: take the chance. Join us.

Wake up, show up, grow up

Pascal Strauss