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Turning vision into reality

Get the wisdom from decades in days

Learn from world class trainers and coaches. 


Potential, Purpose  and Passion

We believe in the power of vision and the human potential to turn it into reality. Now is the ideal time, to discover your purpose and passion, in order to get a head start in life.  

Our result-driven approach will help you WAKE UP, GROW UP in order to SHOW UP. 

You will get access to wisdom from decades during your journey. Included in our camps are principles, tools and experiences that will help you unfold your strengths, connect to your inner power and create your future. 

Your Vision X Camp will be held in a beautiful environment which will allow you to discover and explore your potential, purpose and passion. A team of world class  coaches will guide you along your journey and combined with the direct impact of the empowerment tools this will be a life-changing experience. 

Personal development

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Participants will..

"Empowerment helped me to use my talents and strenghts in order to create my life vision"


Katrijn Tack

  • work on what they want to achieve, what they want to contribute and what is really important for them in life;

  • get clarity on personal vision, mission and values;

  • receive professional coaching on their personal development;

  • identify their key strengths, passion and talents and learn how to turn them into reality; 

  • lead their lives with increased confidence, trust and self belief.

  • get coaching tips and methods for coaching themselves and others.

  • learn how to break through learned self limiting beliefs and turn them into empowering affirmations. 

Vision X Camp events 

Vision X Camp forest

29.10.2020 till


Look for the events and see which one fits best for you

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